Sunday Meditation Meetup

Since July of 2015, we have been meeting each Sunday to meditate, socialize and learn about mindfulness and Buddhism. We are a diverse group of Spaniards and foreigners who all seem to share an interest in meditation and Buddhism as a path to improve the quality of our lives.

Our first meditation is a Vipassana or Insight meditation using mindfulness of the breath and body. Our discussion is usually about mindfulness and cultivating happiness in our daily lives. We also talk about fundamental teachings of the Buddha and occasionally about Nonviolent Communication. We also normally finish with an 8-10 minute Metta or Loving Kindness Meditation.

Our group is suitable for beginners and long time practitioners.
The guidance and discussion is in English with some Spanish translation.
The group is free (donations welcomed).

Often, after the meeting, some people go to dinner together.

To RSVP for one of our meetup groups, go to a meetup page

Our meditation sala.