Dhamma Madrid offers weekly meditations in English and Español in Madrid.

Weekly Sunday Sangha
Our Sunday sangha meets regularly at 19:30. Our next sitting will be July 28 at our new home.

This session features a 30-35 minute Vipassana style meditation, sangha or social time, a dharma talk and usually a 5-8 minute Metta or Loving Kindness meditation.

In English with occasional Spanish and Pali. For more information click here.

To RSVP, click here Madrid Meditation Meetup.

Spanish Sanghas
Our next Spanish language Sangha will be Wednesday, July 24, 2019 starting at 20:00 pm. This will be a special session because during it, we plan to move to our new permanent home at Calle Luis Vélez de Guevera, 9.

We normally meditate for 30 minutes, usually have a reading and finish with a Loving Kindness meditation.

For more information click here . To RSVP, click here Madrid Meditation Meetup.


Occasionally there are upcoming residential retreats near Madrid, including in English (some with Spanish translation) which we usually list here and in our calendar.

Besides Dhamma Madrid’s meditations, there are other meditations around Madrid. We try to list them on our calendar.